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SWALEC is one of the leading gas and electricity suppliers in Wales. SWALEC used to be an electricity supply and distribution company, before it was bought out in 1996 following the de-regulation of the electricity supply industry in the UK. The SWALEC contact number provided here makes it possible for callers to directly connect with a company representative. Assistance in one or more form is available around the clock.

History of SWALEC

SWALEC Gas was set up in 1997 to take advantage of the deregulation of the gas market in the UK. The gas and electricity business under the SWALEC brand was sold to British Energy in 2000, including the SWALEC retail brand. Hyder retained the SWALEC electricity distribution business and renamed it Infralec. Hyder was later bought by Western Power Distribution in September 2000 for 565 Million pounds and renamed the previously known Inflarec to WPD South Wales. Both SWALEC and Hyder’s branding still remain the property of South Wales Electricity Board and a brand name used by SSE.

SWALEC Customer Service for Services

SWALEC has ensured that the switch from one energy supplier is easy on the client. The company works together with industries to help ‘Pay As You Go’ customers with debts up to 500 pounds. This helps clients switch suppliers more easily and find the tariffs best suited for them. This option is known as the Debt Assignment Protocol. Keep in mind that terms and conditions apply. Call the SWALEC phone number provided here to learn more.

SWALEC offers fixed-price tariffs that give the user free reign over their energy costs for up to three years. SWALEC’s cheapest energy tariff is the SSE1 year fixed v5. This tariff is up to 109 pounds cheaper than their standard energy tariff. This tariff is paid by fixed monthly direct debit and an early exit fee is applicable in case a user wants to switch before the tariff expires. This option is great as it gives the user the ability to control their energy prices for 12 months. Note: This tariff is not available on ‘Pay As You Go’.

Cheaper than SWALEC’s standard tariff, SWALEC offers a 3-year SSE fixed price tariff. When you agree to have your gas and electricity with SWALEC, the user simply needs to pay by Direct Debit and they shall receive great value for the prices. SWALEC offers a 92-pound discount per year for this tariff. In case a user wishes to terminate before the tariff expires, a 25-pound fuel exit fee is applied. SWALEC customer services can provide you with more information about tariff options and exit fees.

SWALEC Contact for Standard Tariffs

For those who do not wish to commit just yet, the standard tariff is available for them. Here, the prices for this year have been guaranteed until 1st July 2016 – no tie-in’s or exit fees applied. To view the unit price for your area, one simply needs to contact SWALEC and fill in a simple online form that comprises of the full tariff information for their current and older tariffs. Some of the available options include:

Unit Rate – Here, the client is able to view the amount charged for each unit of gas and electricity. The information is displayed as pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh). According to the SWALEC page, a kWh is a unit of energy, which is recorded by the electricity meter. A single kWh will power a 40-watt light bulb for 25 hours. SWALEC gas meter does not record in kilowatt-hour so the company converts the users gas usage using the formula highlighted on your bill. SWALEC charges per kWh when working out the gas bill.

Standard Charge – this is the daily amount that the user pay’s to cover the costs associated with delivering the electricity or gas to your home, the maintenance charges (which include maintaining the electricity and gas networks), and the costs to maintain your meter (the meter readings and safety inspections). Dial the SWALEC phone number listed above to request more information about standard charges.

Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) – Here, you are able to compare the price of your current tariff with tariffs from other suppliers, or prices of different tariffs offered by SWALEC. The tariff comparison rate is based on a usage of 3,100 kWh of electricity or 12,500 kWh of gas a year. The tariff comparison rate merely acts as a guide and does not base its results on the user’s personal usage. The TCR takes into consideration the unit rate, the standing charge, and any discounts the user gets.

Note: Any termination fee that is applicable in a tariff is not included in the calculation of the Tariff Comparison Rate. In case you require more information regarding pricing and tariffs, call the SWALEC contact number.

SWALEC Contact for Phone and Broadband

SWALEC offers great broadband and phone deals. The SSE deals range from 21.49 pounds per month to 41 pounds per month, providing many different options for customers. All the deals are inclusive of unlimited downloads, easy to set up wireless router with no delivery charge, local and national calls at weekends (the more expensive deals also offer international calls to selected countries), and an 18 month subscription to Internet Security Suite. SWALEC customer services can help you to order new service, or help with repairs of existing service.

SWALEC Number for Heating, Wiring, and Boiler Services

SWALEC offers heating and wiring services to customers. The company has a wide range of heating services and experts specially trained to ensure your heating is working efficiently at all times. The company also offers an annual boiler cover that ensures your boiler is always functioning properly. When you take out the annual cover, you get 6 months for free. The annual boiler cover has a 24/7 emergency helpline and priority breakdown services. The cover comprises of an initial inspection and an annual service as well.

In case your boiler needs repair, contact SWALEC. The company offers a one-off fixed price repairs from as little as 75 pounds. Their engineer will also give your boiler a full service in the process at no extra cost. When it is time for your boiler’s upgrade, SWALEC gives you 400 pounds off the price of the quote plus a Tado Smart Thermostat and installation worth up to 249 pound, free of charge. The Tado Smart Thermostat allows the user to control heating through an app on your phone. It comes with intelligent features that will help you manage your heating and save on energy costs.

SWALEC Phone Number for Savings

SWALEC offers insulation advice that will ensure your home is well insulated at all times. They also have an energy efficiency advice and tips that make it easy to save energy and money. The company also helps their clients access discounted energy-efficient installations. SWALEC customer service members provide information about the Feed-in Tariffs that guaranteed return on the user’s investments once they join the Government scheme of going green. For more information, SWALEC contact is recommended.

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