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First Utility is an energy supplier of electricity and gas in the United Kingdom and has its main base of operations in Warwick. In late 2013, the company was ranked as one of the seventh largest energy supplier qualifying it as one of the most important outside the ‘Big 6’ with an accumulated market share of 2%. Those who wish to make contact with this company are asked to call the First Utility contact number. Customer service agents are standing by to answer any questions and provide complete assistance.

History of First Utility

The company made its debut in 2008, launched by co-founders Darren Braham, Mark Daeche, and Marcus Citron. In January 2012, the company appointed the previous CEO Ian McCaig as its new operations manager, with the goal of stronger leadership and a reduction in the number of First Utility complaints. In January 2012, First Utility signed a three-year deal to become the official sponsors of the Super League, which of course provided a great deal of global advertising for the company.

In September 2015, studies showed that First Utility had more than doubled the average number of customers in three of the last four years and had acquired well over 300,000 customers by mid-year. Whereas large energy corporations in the UK typically generate their electricity, First Utility outsources its energy supplies from the international market. In fact, the company has a relationship with Shell that sees it act as a marketer for the purchase of wholesale energy on the global market. First Utility contact is recommended for those who wish to learn more about the energy sources that are utilized.

It is important to note that the company started out as a relatively new entrant to the consumer market, thereby allowing them to experiment with contemporary technology without the need of having to migrate an immense number of customers from conventional systems. This sort of strategy provided First Utility with sufficient exposure to the Smart Meter program, which the company used to collaborate with other service providers such as Google and Opower to provide clients with access to data usage. The First Utility phone number provided here can be used to connect with an agent who can provide information about Smart Meters.

First Utility Contact Number for Electric Service

First utility provides electrical services all across the UK to thousands of customers. While the company may not have any power plants for the production of their own supply of electricity, they do act as a good intermediary between the consumer market and power plants that are selling electrical power. To order new service for your home or business, or to schedule a transfer of your existing electric service, contact First Utility customer service.

The company provides its clients with competitive energy tariffs and some of the most affordable rates nationwide. They provide electrical services to both residential and commercial clients. First Utility does offer to purchase surplus energy from those who make use of solar power. Their current service packages include fixed and flexible tariffs. Those who are interested in receiving a free tariff quotes are asked to contact First Utility.

First Utility Phone Number for Gas Services

In addition to electric service, First Utility provides its clients in the UK with affordable gas supply, maintenance, and installations services. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, the company has comprehensive services for their clients. They provide customers with gas pipes and the installation services needed in order to receive a gas supply directly from the company. Additionally, they provide customers with maintenance services. Customers can receive discounted prices if they choose First Utility as their gas and electricity supply. Ring the First Utility contact number to learn more.

In conjunction with gas and electrical supply, First Utility provides clients with cutting edge technological services for sustainable consumption of energy. The provided Smart Meters are able to take readings automatically, and then forward that information directly to the customer. First Utility customer service can help you to understand that usage data provided. The company also provides clients with a free ‘My First Utility Energy’ app that helps with keeping track of energy usage.

First Utility Complaints and Problem Reports

Problem reports and complaints should be submitted to First Utility customer service. This includes any billing issues or account problems that may be encountered. Should you ever experience problems with the gas or electrical supply, call the First Utility contact number as soon as possible to submit a problem report. Individual and local problem reports are accepted around the clock, and customer service agents can provide details about the repair status.

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