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Currently the largest energy supplier located in the United Kingdom, British Gas, supplies electricity and gas to locations both residential and commercial. Additionally, services such as roof insulation and boiler fitting are also provided as well. The British Gas contact number provided here can be used to submit questions about any of the services provided. Their customer service department is prepared to assist in any way necessary.

Originally part of an endeavor that was supported by the British government, they have shifted to become a more private entity in 1986, which resulted in billions being provided to the British treasury. Currently, the company proudly serves millions of customers while offering methods of providing electricity and gas that are both cost-effective and dependable. In addition to energy services, the company offers repair services. Calling the British Gas Homecare number will allow you to request their protection and repair service.

British Gas Customer Service Contact Number

It is possible to contact this company at any time by calling the British Gas contact number. Both current and prospective customers can visit the company website online. There additional contact methods available, such as email and social media. However, there are some issues that may be better resolved by directly speaking with a British Gas customer service representative. Calls to the company are accepted during business hours, but it is possible to be connected at any hour to report an emergency situation.

Here are some of the subjects that can be discussed with an agent:

  • Accounts
  • Payments/Invoices
  • Boiler/Homecare Programs
  • Meter Readings/Support
  • Tariffs
  • Pay As You Go
  • New Service Setup
  • Service Transfers
  • Remote Heating Control
  • Reporting Emergencies

The British Gas phone number provided here can be called at any time, Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 8:00pm, as well as on Saturdays from 8:00am until 6:00pm. As mentioned above, these hours do not apply to emergency reporting, which calls for immediate British Gas contact. Do be sure to move to a safe area before making the call to report a problem.

Contact British Gas for Assistance

British Gas contact will allow you to directly connect with a customer service representative. Once connected, representatives can help with any number of things. As previous mentioned, there are alternative options that can be utilized to allow you to contact British Gas. For example, you can send an email straight from the company’s main website simply by completing a form in the contact area. Additionally, you can also consult the “Help & Advice” page to find answers to any questions that you may have. This page contains categories with additional information, and you can even type in specific questions that you have and find specific answers.

British Gas Number for Complaints

It is a company that has always been known as being very attentive to feedback that they receive from customers, as well as a company that works hard to resolve any issues that may arise. The company formed a long-term Customer Board back in 2011 thanks to feedback that was received. The overall goal of this entity is to make any changes and advancements from feedback that is consistently received from customers and processed. To submit your own comment or complaint, make use of the British Gas contact number found here.

Some of the changes that the company has made thanks in large part to comments and complaints from customers include a new bill design that is much less muddled and contains ideas on how to save money and data that is easier to read. Another addition is the release of remote heating control, which makes it much easier for customers to change the settings of their heaters through either the internet or their preferred mobile device. Assessments of tariffs is now an option, and these are typically carried out every six months and lets customers know if they can use a different tariff to pay a smaller amount.

British Gas Contact for Tariff Information

Other positive changes include the minimization of tariffs, which sees tariff varieties being reduced to only two, standard variable and fixed price. Also offered is installation of new smart meters, which has been done in thousands of homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom as a way to help customers save money. Currently, customers can choose from the following four tariff options: Fixed Price, Standard Variable, Fix & Reward, and Fix & Fall.

In order to obtain a quote, you can contact British Gas at any time. Alternatively, you can also log on to the official website and request a quote online. All you need to do is provide some basic information, and the form itself takes only a few short minutes to complete. It’s also important to note that by submitting the quote form, you are in no way obligated to order any kind of service through themĀ or even change any current service that you may already have with the company. Call the British Gas contact number to learn more.

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