Utility Phone Number

CompanyContact NumberMore Info
British Gas0870 280 5384View here
EON Energy0870 280 5386View here
Scottish Power0870 280 5389View here
Utilita0870 280 5392View here
SWALEC0870 280 5391View here
Southern Electric0870 280 5390View here
EDF0870 280 5385View here
Npower0870 280 5388View here
First Utility0870 280 5387View here
Utility Warehouse0870 280 5393View here

If there is one type of service that most of us absolutely cannot live without, it’s energy. We use it to light our homes, provide us with warmth, heat our water, and so much more. Utility Phone Number understands why it is so important to have the contact information for the companies that supply you with electricity and gas. As such, we have made it our goal to provide you with this information, so that you can contact customer service quickly. Whether you need to report a problem, or simply have questions, place a call to your energy provider anytime you need help.

solar-windThere are countless reasons for getting in touch with your energy company. One is of course related to emergency reporting. If you notice an emergency, regardless of whether or not it involves your home, it is best to call in a report immediately. All energy companies keep an emergency telephone line open at all times. This line is strictly dedicated to emergency reporting, and may also be used to report a service outage. Automated reporting is often available, so if you do not care to speak with a representative, the problem can be reported without doing so.

Another reason for calling an energy company would be billing and payment matters. Some customers prefer to submit payments over the phone, and a customer service agent can help you with this. Maybe you do like paying online, but need help in doing so. Customer support can help with any issue that is related to payments. Do not delay in calling, as late or missed payments can lead to the suspension of service, and no one wants that! Whether you have elected to make use of prepaid service, or monthly billing, timely payments are required.


Pricing and rate information can be gathered by using a contact number to reach out to the customer service department. If you are considering changing energy providers, gathering tariff information is going to be an important step in the process. Nearly every UK energy company now offers free quotes. This may include rate quotes for fixed rate plans, along with quotes for variable plans which base pricing on actual usage. In some cases, this information is made available online, but if you need more specific and current information, contacting a support team member is an excellent idea or using social media to discover updates.

Online accounts are quite common these days, and customers may need help with managing theirs. Some of the most popular account-related needs include updating account information, changing or retrieving a password, updating billing information, and asking questions about charges that appear on a billing statement. The contact numbers provided here can also be used to speak with someone about security issues. Do not hesitate to call customer support if you feel that your online account has been accessed by someone else.

Utility Phone Number presents you with up-to-date contact information that can be used to reach out for help. We understand that few have time to spare these days, and problem-solving needs to occur quickly. No one is immune to problems, and these can be reported at any time. Furthermore, customer service agents are standing by to take your call and help you with any and all matters that are related to your account.